Organisations repository

Publié le 12 February 2020 — Modifié le 6 July 2022

The SAR objective is not to create all references data but as far as possible to use available ressources if they match with SIMM needs. Thus, the SANDRE organisations repository was selected by the SAR for the SIMM. Access to this repository and to all related tools and services is possible directly on the SANDRE web portal.

SANDRE organisations repository


Presentation of the repository

Report about taxonomic repositories

Repository release page

Metadata on SANDRE catalogue : Organisations

Data presentation


Data dictionnary

Organisations repository data dictionnary : PDF and XML

Echanges scenarios

Exchanges data scenarios : PDF and XML



Download : XML, CSV and JSON 



Tools and services

Search for a data

Research on organisations repository dataset


API Repository of SANDRE

Update subscription

Subscription service by the personal space of the SANDRE web portal

Other tools

Code converter, exchange file controle service


Requests for new concepts, reporting errors

SANDRE Repository management tool by the personal space of the SANDRE web portal

Other request

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