Publié le 26 October 2020 — Modifié le 8 August 2022

The SAR team and its partners currently work to elaborate a harbour repository. This page, regularly updated, shows progress on this work. Once finalised, you will be able to visualise and download the repository directly from the SAR catalog.

The GT GIMeL (Working Group for Marine and Coastal Geo-Informations) reviewed, in 2019, the state of the art on harbour databases, and concluded that a sufficiently comprehensive french harbour repository did not yet exist.

In October 2019, the SAR was therefore mandated to create a harbour repository for the french marine environment information system (SIMM)

In 2020, the SAR team built a group of topical experts to reflect on the essential informations to be included in the SIMM harbour repository. Conclusions from this group's work were presented during a "Common Language" meeting in June 2020.

As planned during the first step of the SAR's mandate on the harbour repository, an analysis of harbour  legal and regulatory framework was carried out at the end of 2020 by Allegans network and the consulting office Terra Maris. Results from this study will feed into discussions on the repository content and its administration rules.