Lateral limitations of prefectoral jurisdiction at sea

Publié le 26 October 2020 — Modifié le 13 October 2021

This page, regularly updated, shows progress on works concerning lateral limitations of prefectoral jurisdiction at sea. Once these works finalised, you will be able to visualise and download the repositories directly from the SAR catalog.

The lateral limitations of prefects' jurisdiction at sea were identified as a priority by the GT GIMeL (Working Group for Marine and Coastal Geo-Informations).

Two digitization attempts already exist in the matter : one was made back in 2011 by the Marine Protected Areas Agency (AAMP), the other in 2015 by the Center for Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility and Planning (CEREMA). Both are based on regulatory texts in effect pour the three types of lateral limitations : 

  • maritime prefects,
  • regional prefects,
  • departmental prefects.

These two  digitization attempts are consistent for about 2/3 of their content, discrepancies arising from textual interpretation (coordinate system, angles used, etc.)

Planning and crisis management require clearly defined limitations between the prefects' areas of jurisdiction. The GT-GIMeL is currently implementing a procedure to validate these limits.